WEBINAR: OASIS TOSCA: Cloud Interoperability and Lifecycle Management

Now available on-demand. Presented live May 18, 2016.

Speaker: Matthew Rutkowski Chair, TOSCA Interoperability Steering Committee IBM Master Inventor, Senior Engineer, IBM Software Group, Emerging Standards

This webinar will provide the latest information on the OASIS Topology Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) v1.0 standard. TOSCA is a standard language used to describe a topology of cloud based web services, their components, relationships, and the processes that manage them. Key TOSCA concepts such as operational policy modeling, declarative composition and lifecycle management will be covered along with the benefits both cloud customers and providers derive from using this standard. In addition, open source tooling support for TOSCA in projects such as OpenStack and the newly announced Aria project from Cloudify will be discussed. Insight will also be given to the direction of the v1.1 specification and its timeline.