Security for Cloud Computing: 
10 Steps to Ensure Success
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Join us for a webinar to introduce a new whitepaper, "Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success," on September 18, 2012 at 11am.  Working group members and working group leader Ryan Kean, Director, Enterprise Platform Technical Services, Kroger will host the webinar and be available to answer your questions.

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When considering a move to use cloud computing, consumers must have a clear understanding of potential security benefits and risks associated with cloud computing, and set realistic expectations with their cloud provider. Despite an inherent loss of control with cloud computing, the consumer still needs to take responsibility for their use of cloud computing services in order to effect changes in security and privacy that are in the best interest of the organization.

The Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success white paper provides a practical reference to help enterprise information technology (IT) and business decision makers as they analyze and consider the security implications of cloud computing on their business. The paper includes a list of steps, along with guidance and strategies, designed to help these decision makers evaluate and compare security offerings in key areas from different cloud providers. The paper discusses the threats, technology risks, and safeguards for cloud computing environments, and provides the insight needed to make informed IT decisions on their treatment.

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