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Practical Guide to Cloud Computing V3.0

The CSCC’s seminal deliverable outlines key definitions, characteristics, and benefits of cloud computing. A 10-step “Roadmap for Cloud Computing” contains guidance and strategies for the successful migration and deployment of cloud computing applications. V3.0 covers the emergence of hybrid cloud, containers, serverless computing and microservices architectures

Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data and Analytics V2.0

This paper describes the architectural elements and cloud components needed to build out big data and analytics (BDA) solutions using cloud computing. Version 2.0 of the reference architecture has been expanded to support more BDA use cases, including cognitive computing. 

Practical Guide to Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) are integrated products that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This guide provides an overview of CMP capabilities, CMPS on the market today, evaluation criteria for selecting a CMP, and deployment considerations.

Cloud Reference Architectures

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