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Best Practices for Developing and Growing a Cloud-Enabled Workforce

Cloud computing and related technologies like blockchain, data science, and AI are transforming the nature of IT, resulting in skill shortages in some domains and staffing surpluses in others. This guide discusses the new roles, responsibilities and requirements introduced by cloud computing and strategies for developing new skill sets and recognizing growth.

Migrating Applications to Public Cloud Services: Roadmap for Success V2.0

This guide provides a practical reference to help enterprise IT and business decision makers analyze and consider application migration to the cloud. This paper details strategic and tactical activities for developing a business plan and detailed migration plan. Guidance is provided on the types of applications that are best suited for cloud computing.

Interoperability and Portability for Cloud Computing: A Guide V2.0

This guide provides a clear definition of interoperability and portability and how these concepts relate to various aspects of cloud computing and to cloud services. V2.0 reflects the ISO/IEC 19941 Cloud Computing Interoperability and Portability standard and its facet models of interoperability, data portability, and application portability.

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