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Cloud Standards Customer Council Announces Version 2.0 of Big Data and Analytics Architecture and New Companion Guide

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Needham, MA - August 3, 2017 — The Cloud Standards Customer Council™ (CSCC™) today published version 2.0 of the Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data and Analytics paper, which describes reference-architectural elements and components needed to build out big data and analytics solutions using cloud computing. The paper is available for download at:

Big data analytics (BDA) and cloud computing are a top priority for CIOs. Many companies are experimenting with different cloud configurations to understand and refine requirements for their BDA solutions. The volume of big data streams has increased exponentially in the past several years and the majority are now hosted in the cloud. This offers a cost-effective delivery model for cloud-based analytics. Version 2.0 of the reference architecture has been expanded to support more BDA use cases, including cognitive computing.

Topics covered in the paper include:

  • Business reasons to adopt cloud computing for big data and analytics capabilities
  • Proven architecture patterns that have been deployed in successful enterprise BDA projects
  • An architectural overview of a big data analytics solution in a cloud environment with a description of the capabilities offered by cloud providers

To supplement the BDA architecture, the CSCC has announced a new companion paper, Hybrid Cloud Considerations for Big Data and Analytics. The vast majority of BDA use cases are on hybrid cloud infrastructure, which use a mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services. Hybrid cloud computing can allow for increased scalability and computational power needed for BDA. The companion paper summarizes what hybrid cloud is, explains why it is important in the context of BDA, and discusses implementation considerations. Download the paper at

The authors will host a complimentary webinar on August 8, 2017, from 10:00am – 11:00am ET to introduce the Cloud Customer Architecture for Big Data & Analytics V2.0 paper. Event details are posted on the CSCC’s website at

The webinar for the Hybrid Cloud Considerations for Big Data and Analytics paper is scheduled on August 11, 2017, from 11:00am – 12:00 pm ET. The authors will explain how hybrid cloud computing is evolving to help businesses deploy big data and analytics solutions. For more information, visit

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