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Conditions of Membership and Authorization - By signing below, you agree that, when signed and accepted by OMG®, this agreement represents a binding contract between the parties and commits your organization to compliance with such rules and policies as the Cloud Standards Customer Council™ may from time to time adopt. You will enjoy the rights and benefits established from time to time for Cloud Standards Customer Council Members. Membership is renewable on the anniversary of initial application. Members are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including U.S. laws regarding Antitrust. All references to the Cloud Standards Customer Council in this application shall be deemed to refer to OMG and the Cloud Standards Customer Council activity of OMG.

Term and Termination - The term of this agreement shall be 12 months from the date of initial acceptance by OMG, and will renew for additional 12-month terms automatically You may at any time terminate your membership by providing written notice of termination to OMG.

Logos and Names - You grant OMG the right to use your organization’s name and logo on the OMG and Cloud Standards Customer Council websites and on related marketing materials, solely to indicate your membership in the Cloud Standards Customer Council.

Confidential Information - All information disclosed at any Cloud Standards Customer Council meeting, and all submissions to the Cloud Standards Customer Council, will be deemed to be public information that has been disclosed without any restrictions on use by anyone. No valid copyright or patent right will be deemed to have been waived by such disclosure. If you want to keep certain information confidential, do not disclose it at a Cloud Standards Customer Council meeting or in a submission to the Cloud Standards Customer Council.

Patent Rights - The Cloud Standards Customer Council is not in the business of adopting specifications or specifying technologies. Therefore, the Cloud Standards Customer Council: (I) take no position on any patent rights that may apply to any technology used or proposed by any Cloud Standards Customer Council Member, (ii) neither seeks nor grants any license rights in any such technology, and (iii) does not require that any Cloud Standards Customer Council Member disclose patent rights that it may have in any technology.

Copyright in Materials Submitted to the Cloud Standards Customer Council - With respect to any material you submit to the Cloud Standards Customer Council: (i) copyright is held jointly by you and the Cloud Standards Customer Council (each as to its own contributions), and (ii) you will be deemed to have granted to the Cloud Standards Customer Council a nonexclusive, royalty-free, paid up, worldwide license to copy and distribute the document and to modify the document and distribute copies of the modified version.

Miscellaneous - Any amendment or modification to the agreement must be in writing signed by both parties. This agreement and all matters relating thereto shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without regard to that state’s choice of law principles. The parties have caused this agreement to be executed by duly authorized representatives as of the dates shown below.

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