Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cloud consumer companies wanting to drive customer requirements into standards development organizations and deliver best practices, patterns, case studies, and use cases and build on the principles of the Open Cloud Manifesto.
  • A community of international, national, regional & local cloud consumer companies who recognize that a common interoperable platform for cloud is essential to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s corporate environment.
The Cloud Standards Customer Council is formed as a group under the Object Management Group, a nonprofit trade association as set out in section 501(c)(6) of the US Internal Revenue Code.
Each working group will have a chair and the members of the working group can vote to approve required deliverables. The CSCC Steering Committee oversees the working groups as well as reviews deliverables before they are published.  See "Leadership Team" for more information on the Steering Committee.
Any and all members of the Cloud Standards Customer Council can participate in a working group. Working groups are formed at the discretion of the Steering Committee when sufficient interest and leadership exists.  To join an active working group, please visit the working group page.
There is no fee for joining the Cloud Standards Customer Council.
Members working in a working group may work anywhere they have access to a broadband internet connection. They will become integral elements of the process, where the working group lead will coordinate the development work.
It's quite simple. We have a formal process for CSCC membership. It is designed to have low barriers to entry, but it is also designed to ensure that all members execute the same agreements and are therefore all governed by the same rules.

The membership process:

  1. Please fill out the membership application.
  2. We will process your application. If there are any questions, we will get back to you. Feel free to contact membership to enquire as to the status of your application.
Yes, only CSCC Members may be a part of a working group. 
If your question is not answered above or you need additional information, please contact us at