Practical Guide to Cloud Management Platforms

Practical Guide to Cloud Management Platforms
Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) are integrated products that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The rise of hybrid IT architectures increases the need for process harmonization and tools interoperability to address evolving requirements through the use of a CMP.

Practical Guide to Cloud Management Platforms will help enterprise Information Technology (IT) managers, business decision makers, system operations staffs, application architects and application developers understand the functions of Cloud Management Platforms and how they can be used to manage applications and data across multiple cloud infrastructures including both on-premises and public cloud service providers.


Sections of the paper include:

  • Defining CMPs and the Evolving CMP Market
  • Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Functions of a Cloud Management Platform
  • The Cloud Management Platform Landscape
  • Evaluation Criteria for Selecting a CMP
  • Deployment Considerations