Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare Version 2.0

Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare

The Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare Version 2.0 was written to help enterprise information technology (IT) and business decision makers of the healthcare industry as they analyze and consider the implications of cloud computing on their business.

This guide contains guidance and strategies to help decision makers evaluate and compare cloud computing offerings from different providers, taking into account requirements from various actors including medical practices, hospitals, research facilities, insurance companies and governments.

Version 2.0 of the paper provides a fresh perspective on the current market dynamics, challenges and benefits of cloud computing on healthcare IT.

The “Current Market Dynamics” section highlights the current state of the cloud computing market for healthcare and how it is expected to evolve over the next several years. This section introduces key factors influencing cloud computing adoption, the barriers to address, and considerations for service and deployment models.

The “Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare” section discusses specific IT trends in the healthcare industry that are addressed most effectively, both technically and economically, by cloud computing as opposed to traditional IT environments.

The “High Value Cloud Computing Services for Healthcare” section highlights specific cloud computing services for healthcare currently available that provide substantial benefits to healthcare organizations and patients.

The “Considerations for Leveraging Cloud Computing for Healthcare” section addresses the planning process for migrating healthcare IT systems and applications to the cloud.

The paper concludes with specific recommendations for how best to achieve the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. Throughout the paper, the role that management and IT standards play to improve the flexibility, interoperability and portability of cloud computing environments is highlighted.