Cloud Customer Architecture for Mobile

Cloud Customer Architecture for Mobile

Cloud Customer Architecture for Mobile describes vendor neutral best practices for hosting the services and components required to support mobile apps using cloud computing. The architectural elements described in this paper are needed to instantiate mobile hosting environments using a private, a public or a hybrid cloud deployment model.

At a high level, cloud capabilities for mobile support the lifecycle of enterprise mobile applications that are deployed to employee or customer devices and provide managed access to backend business applications and enterprise data sources which support the mobile apps on the devices. These solutions allow companies to leverage emerging mobile technologies to reinvent customer relationships by engaging them anywhere and anytime the context is relevant.

Mobile apps tend to have time variable usage patterns that are well handled by the scalability and elasticity of cloud computing - increasing and decreasing the backend resources to match the level of requests from the mobile devices. It is also characteristic of mobile apps to make use of server-side data that is unique to the apps. Some of this data is not enterprise data, such as social data (e.g., Twitter or Facebook data), and there are good cloud services available to incorporate such data.

This guide describes common architectures that have been proven successful in numerous enterprise deployments of mobile apps.