Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT

Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting and most dynamic areas of IT at the present time. IoT involves the linking of physical entities (“things”) with IT systems that derive information about or from those things which can be used to drive a wide variety of applications and services.

IoT covers a very wide spectrum of applications, spanning enterprises, governments and consumers and represents the integration of systems from traditionally different communities: Information Technology and Operational Technology. As a result, it is important for IoT systems to have architectures, systems principles, and operations that can accommodate the interesting scale, safety, reliability, and privacy requirements.

Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT contains a reference architecture for supporting IoT using cloud computing. The cloud components of IoT architecture are positioned within a three-tier architecture pattern comprising edge, platform, and enterprise tiers. The cloud components, subcomponents, and relationships are discussed in detail.

Understanding IoT architectures builds on understanding mobile, web application hosting, and big data and analytics capabilities, please also refer to the CSCC’s Cloud Customer Reference Architecture papers for Big Data and Analytics, Web Application Hosting and Mobile¬†for a thorough discussion and best practices on each specific topic.