Cloud Customer Architecture for Hybrid Integration

Cloud Customer Architecture for Hybrid Integration

IT environments are now fundamentally hybrid in nature – devices, systems, and people are spread across the globe, and at the same time virtualized. Achieving integration across this ever changing environment, and doing so at the pace of modern digital initiatives, is a significant challenge.

With the growing need to connect heterogeneous endpoints in various locations, a Hybrid Integration platform is crucial. Leading-edge enterprises are starting to leverage a hybrid integration platform to take advantage of best of breed cloud-based and on-premises integration approaches. Companies that adopt cloud applications view application integration as the critical component to harmonize business processes across their hybrid application landscape.

This hybrid integration reference architecture explores common patterns seen in enterprises tackling these issues. This document explains the core reference architecture and concepts for hybrid integration in the enterprise.

Hybrid integration can be looked at from many perspectives including application, data, and infrastructure. This document positions hybrid integration from an application perspective, and presents the reference architecture as a seamless integration from cloud to on-premises for events, APIs, and data.

For additional information, also read the CSCC's deliverable, Practical Guide to Hybrid Cloud Computing.