CLOUD CUSTOMER ARCHITECTURE FOR enterprise Social Collaboration

Cloud Customer Architecture for Enterprise Social Collaboration

Cloud Customer Architecture for Enterprise Social Collaboration describes how to leverage social collaboration tools to harness ideas, exchange information, and increase the speed of innovation across the business.

This reference architecture was written for IT and business decision makers to assist in understanding the technical capabilities and integration requirements necessary to deliver Enterprise Social Collaboration solutions. It is a vendor-neutral and best practices approach to describe the flows and relationships between business capabilities, functional areas, and architectural components delivered as a cloud solution.

Social collaboration solutions can be applied to different industries and aligned with key business initiatives. For example, you can facilitate interactions with customers and product managers through the use of a customer community that elicits feedback on a product. Product teams solve issues and challenges faster, customers become part of the product lifecycle process, and information is shared efficiently. The value of social collaboration becomes visible when helping different roles of departments meet their business needs within the context of an overall collaboration initiative and organizational goal.

For additional information, also read the CSCC's deliverable, Social Business in the Cloud Achieving Measurable Business Results.