Cloud Customer Architecture for ECommerce

Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce

Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce describes how to support e-Commerce solutions using cloud computing.

This reference architecture describes the flows and relationships between business capabilities and architectural components for e-Commerce applications that use cloud computing infrastructure, platforms and/or services. The elements of this architecture are used to instantiate an e-Commerce system whether using private, public, or hybrid cloud deployment models. Applications comprising the core components of the architecture may be delivered as a service, from on-premises, or hosted.

Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce explains how to support enhanced customer engagement as well as supplier and partner engagements. The customer engagement core components of Marketing, Customer Analytics and e-Commerce architecture enables enriched engagement with customers on a deeper, human level and allows them to be delighted with the right experience at the right time to build loyalty. The supplier and partner engagement core components of Payments, Procurement and B2BIntegration enables enhanced supplier and partner engagements that move beyond responsiveness to a synchronized, predictive value chain that mitigates risk and reveals hidden value on a global scale.