May 18th Virtual Meeting  
11:00am - 12:30pm EDT  
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Draft Agenda:

bullet Review use cases - review what has been submitted ( submit yours today! )
In building the Cloud Council, and determining what's missing, we're asking YOU to help shape the council by submitting your use cases. These use cases will help determine where to focus our working group's efforts and what gaps exist and where work is needed.

We're not looking for perfection -- we're looking for draft submissions for our May 18th meeting to get a jump on defining working groups so submit today!

bullet Practical Guide to Cloud Computing - begin work on draft
Discussion of the need for a document detailing a move to cloud computing and a practical guide to getting started.  How to begin and who will be involved will be discussed. 

bullet Discuss CSCC's liaison connection with standards groups
Andrew Watson (OMG) is liaison to cloud standards groups. ( He will speak to the current liason process.
bullet Case study contest overview
Mike Narducci and Becky Higgins (of the OMG) will pull together a few slides on OMG's past case study programs and explain process, how it is announced, press / analysts, winners from last year, etc.
bullet Determine working groups and working group leaders
Mel Greer (Lockheed Martin) will introduce the request for workgroups.  He will emphasize some of the possible workgroups below (Architecture, IaaS, PaaS, Social Cloud, Verticals, Mapping/defining the space).

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