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Melvin Greer, Senior Fellow and Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing, Lockheed Martin; Chair, CSCC Steering Committee 

Cloud service level agreements are important to clearly set expectations for service between cloud consumers and providers. Providing guidance to decision makers on what to expect and what to be aware of as they evaluate and compare SLAs from cloud computing providers is critical since standard terminology and values for cloud SLAs are emerging but currently do not exist.

The Cloud Standards Customer Council  held a webinar to introduce the completed "Practical Guide to Cloud Service Level Agreements," on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

If you missed any or all of the webinar you can download the deck or the entire webcast below:

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Download the SLA Whitepaper

The Guide highlights the critical elements of a service level agreement (SLA) for cloud computing and provides guidance on what to expect and what to be aware of when negotiating an SLA. The guide articulates a set of requirements from a consumer's perspective and identifies elements that need to be addressed via open standards through CSCC's liaison partnerships with key standards development organizations.

Melvin Greer, senior fellow and chief strategist, Cloud Computing, Lockheed Martin; chair, CSCC steering committee, lead the webinar describing the rationale behind the development of the guide, the target audience and the intended benefits of the guide. A question and answer period will immediately follow the presentation.

Representatives from the following organizations developed the Practical Guide to Cloud Service Level Agreements, along with input and feedback from the general CSCC membership: Boeing, CA Technologies, cebe IT & KM, Cloud Perspectives, CloudOne Corporation, Ekartha, Fort Technologies, Hoboken Consulting Group LLC, IBM, Kroger, Lockheed Martin, Powersoft Computer Solutions Ltd, Second University of Naples, and Wohl Associates.

Amy Wohl, Editor, Amy Wohl's Opinions

Today, customers complain regularly that SLAs are just another form of vendor boilerplate, to the extent they exist at all, and that it is difficult if not impossible to get much modification. They also point out that they want the SLA because it will cause the provider to put some skin in the game, not because the penalties would solve their problems in the case of outages or other situations covered by the SLA. That doesn't mean we don't need SLA's; we do. It's important we make it clear what is going on now versus what we would like to see/influence for the future and when we are hoping that future will occur.
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